Device Installation

Device Installation


The camera initially should be connected via the following method:

  • The following figures are for reference only, please refer to the actual device for more details.
  • Before installation, please make sure the installation surface can at least support 3x weight of the camera. The device can adopt two types of installation mode which are desktop installation and ceiling mount.

Please refer to Figure 2-2 for installation details.


The exact installation steps are shown as follows:

Step 1: Drill holes on the proper installation surface according to the hole sites on the quick installation board.

Step 2: Knock the expansion bolts provided in the kit into the drilled holes.

Step 3: Use self-tapping screws to fix the quick installation board well.

Step 4: Connect to device power.

Step 5: Adjust the monitoring angle and stick the device on the quick installation board.

Note: This quick start guide is for reference only. Slight difference may be found in user interface.

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