How To Set Regions

How To Set Regions

Setting regions in the Zencam Security app, allows you to set activity zones that help to block out any unnecessary areas you do not want to be used for motion detection. For more information on how to set regions on the app, refer to the instructions provided below. 

Step 1: Log into the Zencam Security app with your username and password. 


Step 2: Select the camera you would like to set regions on and tap on the Settings Step_2.png ) icon. 


Step 3: In the settings menu, tap on Motion Detection


Step 4: In the motion detection menu, tap on Set Regions


Step 5: To set the regions on your live view window, tap on Clear Zone to begin setting regions. 


Step 6: Use your finger to drag and set the desired region in the grid. When you have finished setting your region, tap on Save Zone to save the set region to your app. 


Note: Setting a region is useful to eliminate false positive motion events. These include areas such as trees or other areas that are prone to create false positive events. 

Step 7: Once your configuration has been successfully saved, tap on the back ( Screenshot_20180726-110157.png ) icon to return to the previous menu. 

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