How To Setup an Zencam Camera In Blue Iris

How To Setup an Zencam Camera In Blue Iris

Zencam devices can connect to the Zencam Security app as well as Blue Iris. This is possible by obtaining the IP address of your device from your network and adding it directly to the software. 

The camera must be set up first using the Zencam Security app before adding it into any additional software. For more information on how to add your device to the Zencam Security app, click here.

Note: The camera and the computer you are using must be on the same network during setup. 

Adding Your Zencam Camera to Blue Iris

Step 1: Open the Blue Iris Software and click on the ( image1.png ) icon to add a camera. 


Step 2: Enter a Full name and Short name for your camera. Make sure to also click on the "Enable audio" checkbox to enable audio. 


Step 3: Use the Amcrest IP Config tool to locate the IP address for your camera. To download the Amcrest IP Config tool, click here


Step 4: Enter the IP Address for your camera in the Address field of the Network IP camera configuration menu. Enter the username and password initially used for your camera in the User and Password feilds. Click OK to continue.


Note: Leave the Make as Generic/ONVIF and the Model as RTSP H.264/H.265/MJPG/MPEG4.

Step 5: Click OK.


Your camera is now ready to be viewed in the Blue Iris software. 


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  • how can you get the zencam to react to blue iris ptz commands

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