How To Download Recordings From the Zencam App

How To Download Recordings From the Zencam App

Due to the current capabilities of the app recordings can only be downloaded via the Cloud Recordings download interface. For more information on how to activate a Zencam cloud account click here.

Downloading a Cloud Recording

Step 1: Log into your Zencam app and select your device from the Devices menu.


Step 2: Tap on Cloud Recordings.


Step 3: Tap on the File List icon ( cs.PNG ) located in the Cloud playback interface. 


Step 4: Select the recording you wish to download from the file list. 


Step 5: Tap the download icon ( mceclip2.png ) to download the recording.


The recording will begin to download to your smartphone.

A check mark will appear next to the download icon once the recording has finished downloading. You can also share your recordings directly to other services on your smartphone via the share icon ( mceclip5.png ) located in the middle of the download menu. 

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