How To Perform A Factory Reset (E Series)

How To Perform A Factory Reset.

Step 1: Please make sure your camera is connect to a power supply. 

Step 2: Once power is applied to the camera, to reset the camera, press and hold the reset button on the bottom lower portion of the camera for 8 seconds


Step 3: Once the LED indicator light on the front of the device turns red, please release the reset button. From this point the camera will being to reset and reboot. 


Step 4: Once the camera has completed its factory reset process, the camera will then automatically detect your WiFi network and a the LED light will change from red to a solid green. This indicates that the device has completed its reset process and is currently connected to your WiFi network. 


For more supplemental information regarding indicator lights on your camera and their meanings, please refer to the reference table below:

Reference Table 2‑2 below for additional details regarding the indicator light.

Indicator light status

Device status

Solid Red

Device may be malfunctioning. Can also signal a reboot if the light stays red for a few seconds but then turns green.

Green, Flashing Slowly

Boot complete, ready to connect to Wi-Fi

Green, Flashing Rapidly

Attempting to connect to Wi-Fi

Green, Solid

Wi-Fi connected

Red & Green, Alternately Flashing

Firmware is being updated

Red, Flashing Slowly

Network connection failed, network is disconnected

Red, Flashing Rapidly

Malfunctioning, boot failure, SD card malfunction



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