How To Set Up Device Sharing

How To Set Up Device Sharing On Your Zencam Camera. 

Device sharing allows you to add specific Zencam users to your account. When you add a shared user, the shared user will have access to your camera and features such as live viewing, recording, playback, and two-way audio. If you would like to proceed with the device sharing process, please follow the step by step instructions provided in this article. 

Note: The maximum users allowed on a shared account is users. 

Step 1: Please log into your camera via the Zencam Security app. 

Step 2: Once you are logged into your camera, please select the settings (gear wheel) icon in the upper right hand corner. 

Step 3: In the settings menu, please click on "Device Sharing"


Step 4: In the device sharing menu, please click on, "Add a Shared User". 


Step 5: In the Add a Shared User menu, please enter a registered Zencam account email you would like to share your camera feed with. Once you have entered in the email address you would like to share your camera with, please press "OK" to continue. 


Step 6: Once you have pressed OK, you will be prompted as to whether or not you would like to still add the shared user to your device. If you would like to proceed with the process, please press "OK", if not there is also an option to cancel the process. 


Once you press OK, the device will be successfully shared with the desired user. To continue, please press "OK". 


Once you have completed the device sharing process you will then see the added user in your "Live View Sharing" menu. This will indicate that the shared user is successfully entered into your list of authorized users that can view your camera's live feed. 


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