How To Add a Zencam Camera to an Amcrest DVR

How To Add a Zencam Camera to an Amcrest DVR

Most Zencam devices can connect to both an Amcrest DVR and Amcrest NVR. This is possible by obtaining the IP address of your device from your network and adding it directly into your DVR or NVR. The DVR or NVR must be connected to the same network as the Zencam device for this to work. For more information on how to add your Zencam device to an NVR, click here

The device you are adding must be added to the Zencam Security app first before adding it to your DVR. For more information on how to add your specific device using the Zencam Security app, please refer to the Quick Start Guide for your specific device.

For more information on how to add your camera to an Amcrest DVR, please refer to the information provided below. 

Note: The amount of devices you can add, per channel, is dependent on the amount of channels your DVR can handle. This included, analog cameras as well as IP cameras.

Step 1: Log into your DVR and click on the Camera option located in the Management section of the Main Menu. 


Step 2: Click on Channel Type and select the bottom check box. This checkbox is related to the IP channels associated with your DVR. 


You can mix and match between analog and IP camera channels as well by selecting different check boxes in the IP field.


Note: You can only select channels from the bottom up in the IP field and can be switched back to Auto from the top down in the Auto field.

If you wish to set all the channels in your DVR to IP channels, click on the IP checkbox to select all.


Step 3: Click on Save and allow the DVR to reset.


Step 4: Navigate back to the Camera menu and click on Registration


Step 5: Click on Device Search to search for the IP address of the Zencam device you want to add and click on the enable checkbox to select the device.


Step 6: Check the device you would like to add and click on the Add button to add the Zencam device to the DVR.


If the camera has an inactive status (red dot) the password may need to be updated


Updating the Password (Zencam Device)

  1. Click on the Edit button.


  1. Ensure your settings are properly set and enter the password for your newly added Zencam device.                                                                                                                                        mceclip1.png
  1. Click on Save to save the settings to your newly added device. If all information was entered correctly, the indicator icon in the Status field will be green. If the status does not change to green, click the Refresh button. If the status is still red, verify the password is correct, refresh, and check the connectivity in the Zencam Security app.


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