How To Set Up A Motion Detection Schedule

How To Set Up A Motion Detection Schedule On Your Zencam Camera.

Step 1: Please log into your camera via the Zencam Security app. 

Step 2: Once you are logged into your camera, please select the settings (gear wheel) icon in the upper right hand corner. 

Step 3: In the settings menu, please tap on the settings "gear wheel" icon in the right-hand corner of the screen.

Step 4: From here you will select Schedule to make adjustments to the schedule that’s already defaulted.


The Schedule screen will be displayed next showing you the current schedule. 


Step 5: Select the pencil and paper icon in the upper right hand corner to make any adjustments to the schedule.


From here you may select the day of the week under Date, specifying each day of the week and assigning time periods for each day manually. Simply tapping on the begin and end times in segments 1 through 6, you can change their intervals to a start and stop time you wish the camera to record motion detection events.


Select Date to change the day you wish to adjust or select Copy to make adjustments to a combined selection of days during the week. To speed up the process you can click Copy located underneath Date to duplicate any of the changes you made to the time intervals, selecting Whole Week to copy to all days of the week, or check the days you wish to copy to.


Once the days have been selected, you will notice Copy now has the following days you’ve selected. To continue, tap on 00:00 to adjust the start times of the days selected.


After selecting 00:00, the time slider or wheel will appear.


Select a time, as shown you’ll see 5:00am. Now tap anywhere out of the slider or wheel control to dismiss the slider or wheel adjuster.


Do the same for the end time, 23:59, to a time you wish the schedule to end.


Now you will notice the times for segment 1 have been modified.


Do not forget to click the save button in the top right hand corner to save any adjustments you have made to the schedule.


Once saved you will then see the adjustments made to the Period on the Period screen and schedule presentation.


Your schedule has been created for your camera to record motion detection events during the times you’ve selected. Adjustments will be put into effect immediately upon saving any period changes. You may also jump back to the menu and playback any of the recorded events during the times you’ve selected as earlier stated in this guide!

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