How To Add A Camera

How To Add A Camera Off Your Zencam Desktop Software.


Step 1: Please log into your Zencam Desktop application. 


Step 2: Once you have logged into your Zencam account you can begin adding cameras. You can add a camera by clicking the "Add Device" option in the upper right-hand corner of your screen, or the hyperlink labeled "Add" a device. 


Step 3: Inside this menu you will be prompted to add a device using one of the following options; manually, via the device's serial number, or automatically by scanning your local network. 


If you choose to add your camera manually, please enter the serial number of your camera, which is located on the serial number of the device, the username and password for your device. If this is your first time using your camera, please note the default username and password will be admin. Once the login credential are entered, please press "Submit" to finish the setup. 


If you chose to automatically scan your network for your device, please click on the "Scan Network" option. Once this is enabled, please press on the "Start Scanning" option to start scanning your network for your device. 


The software will then begin scanning your network, locating all IP cameras associated with your local network. 


Once the software has scanned your network, a list of connected devices will appear. If you have multiple Zencam device's you wish to add to the Desktop software you can select the "All" option. 


However, if you only wish to add a specific camera onto your desktop software, please select the device you wish to add and select "Add To Account". 


Once the camera is added onto your account, you will then need to provide the password associated with your device. Please remember if this is your first time using your device, the default password will be admin. 


Once your password has been entered successfully. The software will prompt you that your device has been added to your desktop software successfully. Please select "Next" when finished. 


The next screen will show you that your device is added successfully and to continue press "OK"


Congratulations! You have successfully added your device to your Zencam desktop software. 


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