Where's My Model Number

How To Find The Model Number

The model number for your device can be located on any of the following locations:

  • Serial Number tag on the bottom of the device.
  • On the box.
  • Using the Zencam Security app.

Serial Number Tag

The serial tag is the most efficient means of locating a model number. A serial tag can be found on the bottom of the camera and will include the following information; serial number, model number, power adapter recommendations (Input).

The model number for the camera can be found in the MODEL field on the tag as highlighted in the image below: 


                              E Series Cameras                                                  M Series Cameras    

On the Box 

The model number can be found on various sections on the box the device came with. For more information please refer to the images below.



Finding the Serial Number Using the Zencam Security App

To find the model number using the Zencam Security app, log into the app and access the device. On the live view screen, click on the Settings ( mceclip1.png ) icon in the upper right corner. 


Tap on Device Information.


In the Device Information tab you will notice the model number for your device as well as other important information regarding your device. 


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