Returning a Device?

If you are returning a broken or defective device for any reason, please make sure to follow the step by step instructions listed below.

Step 1: Make sure to cancel the current cloud subscription associated with your device. For more assistance concerning cloud cancellation or its process, please contact our returns department directly via email at

Note: For more efficient service, please include the username and serial number for your device in the applicable email. 

Step 2: Remove the device you are returning off of your Zencam account. This is vital as any remaining devices that are associated with your account, will remain linked to your account unless they are removed properly. For more information on removing your device, please click here

Step 3: If there was a microSD card placed inside the device, please make sure to remove it from your camera before returning it. For more information about how to remove a microSD card from your device, please refer to the section below:

Removing a MicroSD card

To remove the microSD card from the SD card slot of an M series (PT) camera, simply press the inserted microSD card in until it is released from its slot. You may then take the card out of the slot once it is unlocked.


To remove the microSD card from an E series, (Cube) model camera, simply press the inserted microSD card in and release. The microSD card will then be unlocked from the slot and can be easily removed. 



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